MyVAPS: The first connected ring that fits with all electronic cigarettes.

My vapsMy vaps CONNECTED CIGARETTE (May 2014): We realized the aesthetic design and the MyVaps "ring" electronics to allow MyVaps to quickly launch an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.


CONCEPT Waykup: Bike Helmet with heads-up display

A connected bike helmet to guarantee your safety on the road. Includes : GPS, Rear camera, heads up display and lights to see your pursuers without turning, and connect to your smartphone.


Concept Waykup: connected e-cigarette

An embedded electronic module measures the amount of nicotine absorbed, and indicates to the user's daily consumption compared to a target of reducing nicotine consumption. It Includes a retractable mouthpiece for a more-hygienic usage.


ILLUSTRATIONS OF CONCEPTS: Nutrition and the Internet of Things

We worked with 20 doctors, dieticians and nutritionists to collect insights & ideas for more than 15 products in the field of "quantified nutrition".


 HIPPOPO'DENTS: Connected toothbrush to teach children about dental hygiene while having fun.

HIPPOPO'DENTS The concept consists of a connected toothbrush to a hippo-toy with bright teeth. The connection of the 2 elements allows the analysis of toothbrushing zones & timing. The child must apply to extinguish all the teeth of the hippopotamus which can then close his mouth.


UBI SOLUTIONS: Manufacturing in China RFID rackets

RFID rackets designed and manufactured for UBI Solutions help make your inventory management both fast & accurately. This light portable wireless reader is capable of reading up to 1000 objects in seconds.


ANALYSIS OF USES: Connected objects for babies analysis

When using connected objects to monitor baby's vital health signs with remote transmission by physician, the initial alert and comprehensive diagnosis arrive earlier for a more serene and faster healing.


FINANCE: Study of the Bitcoin phenomenon worldwide

The appearance of crypto-currencies is causing significant changes to the financial institutions. In 2013, we conducted the first global study on this phenomenon by interviewing more than 400 bitcoiners in 45 countries worldwide.